Service-Telecom Group acquired Neva Telecom portfolio and agreed on cooperation with Neva Telecom Service

Service-Telecom Group, one of the largest independent infrastructure operators for telecom companies, acquired the portfolio of Neva Telecom LLC in the Leningrad region and signed a cooperation agreement with Neva Telecom Service, under which the companies seek to join forces for further infrastructure development in the Leningrad region.

Service-Telecom Group, one of the largest independent infrastructure operators for communication companies, signed an agreement with the founders of Neva Telecom LLC and Neva Telecom Service LLC to acquire a portfolio of telecom facilities and further cooperate in the Leningrad region.

As part of the deal, Service-Telecom Group acquired 100% of Neva Telecom LLC, while Neva Telecom Service LLC was retained under its founders’ control. The acquisition of Neva Telecom was facilitated by Gazprombank as a financial partner.

The amount of the deal is not disclosed. Sputnik Group was the investment advisor for the deal.

Service-Telecom Group has enhanced its leadership in the North-West of Russia by expanding its portfolio in the region to over 1000 infrastructure facilities.

Nikolay Berdin, CEO of Service-Telecom Group, said:

«For us, the Northwest Federal District is one of the key regions where we operate, and the deal with Neva Telecom is a consistent implementation of Service-Telecom’s development strategy through M&A. This new scale enables us to better meet the needs of our customers and contribute to maintaining high quality and availability of mobile connectivity in the region».

Andrey Rusinov, General Director of Neva Telecom LLC, said:

«Thanks to the deal with Service Telecom Group and the cooperation agreement, we now have a strategic partner. At the time of active consolidation in the infrastructure market, this collaboration will allow us to successfully implement ambitious growth plans.

Evgeny Penkin, Director, Sputnik Group, said:

«The signed agreement makes Service Telecom the largest mobile infrastructure operator in the Leningrad region. Its consistent expansion through mergers and acquisitions once again helps to secure above-market growth rates».

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